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Ted Crocker Guitars and Gear

Rusty Nail Harmonica Mics
Crocker Rusty Nail harmonica microphones are hand crafted from various exotic, historic or unique woods.
At the heart is a crystal element with a frequency response of about 20 - 6kHz.  Crocker mods each one to get a distinctive tone.  A handcrafted wood gig case is included with each one.


Ted Crocker Guitars Jawbone

The Jawbone harp mic was crafted for Arkansas bluesman Pat 'Jawbone' Kenyan.  It has a crystal element and some secret Crocker mods to give it a deep, muddy tone ideal for blues.  Plug it into a tube amp and hear the mojo drip.

Order yours now!.   $235 + S&H  Includes handcrafted gig case.


Ted Crocker Guitars Mississippi Stinger

The Mississippi Stinger was created for legendary blues harpman Blind Mississippi Morris.  The Stinger started life as a branch of a Mulberry tree felled by a storm and transformed into a sweet sounding work of art.

Order yours now!.   $235 + S&H  Includes handcrafted gig case.

See the Mississippi Stinger Progress Page.





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