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Ted Crocker Guitars and Gear

Ordering Your Custom Ted Crocker Guitar

All instruments are hand crafted by me, Ted Crocker.  
Most guitars are created after close communication with the guitar player,  
but I am working on a production Rusty Nail & Taser & Armageddon.  
If you like what you see, or have a design idea of your own,
send an email with the specifications or call to discuss it with me.  

I like to work closely with the musician to create what they need and want.  
I set up a private Progress Page that documents the process from start to finish for each new project.  
The artist gets to see his instrument being created every step of the journey,
and can comment on progress and make any modifications along the way.  
The musician forms a deep bond with his/her instrument.

What are you waiting for?

Tell me your idea.




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