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Ted Crocker Guitars and Gear

Ted Crocker Rusty Nail Guitars
Rusty Nail Guitars are a family of hand crafted, organic instruments.  Functional art in wood, leather, feather and wire.  A basic Rusty Nail has a Stonehenge pickup with a volume control and a handmade wooden knob.  The Rusty nail resides inside a tweed case with a heavy cowhide/lambs wool strap, a custom wood stand, a vintage tweed cable, a brass slide, a Woodshed™ guitar pick and various extras. (mojo hand?)

 Your mojo drippin' Rusty Nail guitar starts at $500.  Many artists order a Rusty Nail with extreme custom modifications.  Contact Me or Taxi for details, price and delivery schedule.  And hold on, it's gonna be a heluva ride...
Ted Crocker Guitars Rusty Nail The basic Rusty Nail guitar has a solid mahogany body, a 6 string Stonehenge™ pickup and a volume control and a leather headstock cap with a feather.  The bridge cover and volume cover are East Indian Rosewood.  The knob is Chechen.

Rusty Nail starts at $800 including all accessories. You can change the shape and most everything...

Ted Crocker Rusty Nail

The Back Porch'r is a custom Rusty Nail created for Sidewalk Bob Harrison.  Bobert wanted a five string model with a single volume control.  The body is mahogany and purpleheart, with purpleheart covers and tulipwood knob. 

Ted Crocker High Freq

The High Freq is an extremely customized Rusty Nail created for Microwave Dave made from a slab of mahogany with a zebrawood cap.  Dave performs a solo act and wanted a dual output instrument to accompany himself on bass.  The Freq has a six string Stonehenge pickup with a volume and tone control.  There's also 3 one string pickups (E, A & D) which each have a volume control.  This circuitt has a seperate output jack which Dave runs through an octave pedal into a bass amp.

Ted Crocker Guitars Soul Bender

The Soul Bender is a custom Rusty Nail bass, crafted for Mike 'Monotone' Taylor of Big Red & the Soul Benders.  It has Sonehenge pickups similar to a combination of a Jazz and Precision bass.  The body is a  sandwich of mahogany, oak, rosewood and purpleheart.  Mike can get it to sound like the devil growling..
Ted Crocker Custom Guitars Juke Stomper The Juke Stomper is a custom Rusty Nail created for Kirk Withrow of Buckeye.  She's a 5 string semi-hollow tone monster.

You have to see this Purpleheart slab in person to feel the full effect.  The Black & White Ebony bridge and volume cavity covers compliment the maple fretboard.  Inside the unique sound hole you see Figured White Birch.  The knobs are chechen.

The five strings are voiced by a split Stonehenge pickup circuit with volume and tone controls.  And a Varitone switch.  Kirk has insane control of unlimited  tone values, and he's a master of the strings...

Ted Crocker Guitars Six Banger The Six Banger is a basic Rusty Nail guitar.  Designed with and for Shane Speal she has an underwound Stonehenge pickup in the neck position to give her a deep blues growl.  The TOM bridge gives her incredible sustain.

The Six Banger starts at $500.
Low Freq Rusty Nail The Low Freq is another extreme Rusty Nail Guitar, crafted for Ben Prestage.  This guitar has the same stereo circuitry as her sister, the High Freq. 
She has a six string Stonehenge pickup with a volume and tone control and also 3 one string pickups for the low strings, which each have a volume control.  This circuit has a seperate output jack which Ben runs through an octave pedal into a bass amp.
Ben is a solo musician who also plays kick drums and harmonica.  And sings.  At the same time!
Ted Crocker Custom Guitars Edison Volt The Edison Volt is a Rusty Nail guitar customized with input from musician Randy Ludacer.  She is a semi hollow slab of Honduras Mahogany with a single f-hole.  Powered by a 6 string Stonehenge pickup and a piezo transducer, she also incorporates a string damper and vintage tremolo.




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