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Ted Crocker Guitars


Keith Urban playing his Ted Crocker 'Honey Dripper' movie replica guitar in concert!

Ted Crocker Honey Dripper guitar

Ben Prestage playing his Ted Crocker 'Low Freq' stereo guitar/bass in concert.

Ted Crocker Low Freq guitar

Harrison Whithers and an incredible demo of the tones from his Ted Crocker 'Goose' lap steel guitar.

  Ted Crocker Guitars

Microwave Dave playing his Ted Crocker 'High Freq' stereo guitar/bass in concert.

Ted Crocker High Freq guitar

Matt 'Sanddraggin' Downs with an amazing demo of his Ted Crocker 'Double Trouble' stereo cigar box guitar/bass hybrid.
     Ted Crocker Guitars Double Trouble

An awesome demo of the Ted Crocker 'Jagged Edge' cigar box guitar created for Sean Aultman.  The instrument has 2 Crocker Stonehenge pickups, each with volume and tone and also a piezo with volume control for percussion.
Ted Crocker Jagged Edge guitar

Robbie Sambat playing his Ted Crocker 'Hot Rod' guitar.

Ted Crocker Guitars

Shane Speal playing his Ted Crocker 'Six Banger' guitar.

Ted Crocker Six Banger guitar

Clock & His Wolf playing his Ted Crocker 'Indian 2' cigar box guitar.
Ted Crocker Guitars Indian

Custom Daddy Mojo build with single and double pole Ted Crocker Stonehenge pups + Ted Crocker Flatbed piezo bridge system!

Below is a Daddy Mojo Resophonic with Crocker Stonehenge 6.

Ted Crocker Guitars

Chris Workman playing a Sid Workman reso conversion with a custom
Ted Crocker 'DownUnder' pickup modified for a soundhole mount.

     Ted Crocker Guitars DownUnder

Brian Romero - the Bairfoot Cajun - testing the abilities of a Ted Crocker 'Tesla Transducer' pickup in a guitar made from a red brick.
Ted Crocker Guitars Tesla Transducer

Lenny and his Daddy Mojo guitar with its Ted Crocker 'Flatbed' pickup.

                       Ted Crocker Guitars Flatbed

Shane Speal playing the Ted Crocker 'Honey Dripper' movie guitar and thumping on a Crocker 'Terraplane Floorboard' foot stomper.

Ted Crocker Guitars Terraplane

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