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Ted Crocker Guitars

One of a kind custom instruments and gear for builders!

Ted works closely with musicians to design and craft guitars ideal for their style, music and gear.  He also supplies pickups and other items for builders to enhance their creations.  Don't forget Terraplane Floorboard foot stompers and Jawbone harmonica mics.

Purchase Rusty Nail Guitars, Stonehenge pickups, many type pickups, Terraplane Floorboards,
Mississippi Stingers, Cigar Box guitars and other gear HERE.

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Ted Crocker Guitars
Honey Dripper™

The Honey Dripper was crafted for the new John Sayles film, “Honeydripper”, starring Danny Glover. The script called for “a neck screwed to a plank with strange wires.” This was the first electric guitar seen in 1950 Alabama. Honey Dripper is a member of the Rusty Nail family of Crocker Guitars. Order yours today! More...
Rusty Nail™ Guitars

The Back Porch’r is a Custom Rusty Nail guitar crafted for Sidewalk Bob. She’s a 5 string with split Crocker Stonehenge pickups.
More Incredible Guitars...
Ted Crocker Guitars
Ted Crocker Guitars

Taser is from the TC Rocker series. This one is equipped with 2 PAF humbuckers, but you can order one with any hardware configuration you desire. More....
Edison Volt

The Edison Volt was commissioned to have a Jules Verne vibe.  I worked close with the musician to incorporate his designs and modified hardware.  
Ted Crocker Guitars Edison Volt
Ted Crocker Guitars

Armageddon is a TC Rocker production guitar for when you want to ROCK LOUD.  With 2 quad rail humbuckers she will fill an arena with her screams.
Mississippi Stinger™
(illustrated story)

The Mississippi Stinger was created for legendary blues harp man Blind Mississippi Morris.
She started life as a branch of a Mulberry tree felled by a storm and transformed
into a sweet sounding work of art. More...
Ted Crocker Guitars
Ted Crocker Guitars
Stonehenge™ Pickups

Stonehenge pickups are direct descendants of the pickups I created for the Honey Dripper Guitar.  They are rustic and look and sound different than most aftermarket pickups available in stores.  My experience has taught me how to vary the flavor and tone of each pickup.  I can wind one to get the best sound out of your particular guitar/amp combination.  Just ask and I'll modify yours to find the tone you want. More...
Terraplane Floorboard™

Terraplane Floorboard is a foot-stomping instrument made to sound like a bass drum.  Simply plug it in to your bass or guitar amplifier with a standard guitar cable and go.  The concept is simple...an industrial, heavy duty  Crocker Stonehenge™guitar pickup  under a license plate and housed in a beautiful mahogany body with volume & tone controls.

Ted Crocker Terraplane Floorboard

Ted Crocker UglyDuckling/Beautiful Swan
Cigar Box Guitars!

The Ugly Duckling/Beautiful Swan was crafted as a challenge.  Use the ugliest box in the worst condition and create something beautiful.  So I did!

Cigar Box Guitars are a unique way to express yourself.  Each has a different voice and they always demand attention.

Let me make one for you...

More Unique Guitars

Flatbed™ Pickup/Bridge Combo

Add some flavor and volume to your Cigar Box Guitar, Ukelele or custom instrument with a combination bridge/saddle and pickup.  A piezoelectric transducer element is embedded inside the rosewood bridge and there is 8" of hookup wire.  A floating brass saddle sits on top of the bridge allowing you to intonate your strings.


Ted Crocker Flatbed Pickup
Ted Crocker UglyDuckling/Beautiful Swan
Tesla Transducer™ Internal Pickup w/jack

A piezoelectric transducer element is encased in a sandwich of East Indian Rosewood and figured Queensland Walnut which ensures good vibration/sound transfer. The 8" wires exit the case in shrink wrap tubing for durability and a 1/4" jack is soldered to the end. Installation is simple using the attached double side tape.


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